Navigating the music industry can be an arduous task for anybody desiring to make a living off of their gifts and talents. Apart from working on your craft and becoming better at what you do you have to worry about marketing, promos, sales, finding opportunities, coming up with fresh material…and the list goes on. Especially for those entering the music industry WHERE DO YOU START?!!!

Having the hit album or hot song is never enough to get you noticed, never enough to make you stand out from the countless other artists out there.

We, at DC Music, aim to change all that. Our goal is to get you to where you need to be in order to be successful and be able to make a living off what you do. We will handle everything from your logo, to your website, brochures, press releases, finding opportunities,  placing your music on retail stores, getting the world to know who you are etc, while you concentrate on what you need to concentrate on…WORKING ON YOUR MUSIC.

The best thing is WE only start earning once YOU start earning. So, if YOU succeed, WE succeed.

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